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Tally user-based cloud is a shared platform, where you get your space on cloud in a shared server along with with the other user-based single users. you don’t get admin access and rights for any customization. you just get single-user access to login and work on your cloud tally by uploading your data.
User-Based Tally is Recommended for mostly Chartered accountant for personal use for CA pursuing students to practice and learn, for small Business, Shopkeepers, Start-ups and Entrepreneurs.

Who Should Use Tally User Based Cloud ?Tally User Based Cloud
Any individual whose work is related to Tally like Accountants, Charted Accountant or Student, even the single owners can use User-based tally to maintain their accounts, ledgers & taxes.
If you are a small company with more than 5 tally users and you don’t have any customization, restriction or integration required then tally user based is for you. If you want to know more about Tally User-Based then Contact us now.

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